[Andalucia ES]


Callejuela are the two Blanco Brothers, Paco and Pepe, they own little over 28 hectares in the region of Andalucia, with vineyards in Callejuela, El Hornillo, Macharnudo and Añina, where their oldest vines are. Macharnudo and Añina (Jerez) are inland vineyards or pagos whereas El Hornillo and La Callejuela (Sanlúcar) are known as river pagos given their proximity to the Guadalquivir (river).

They know these lands like the back of their hands —as Pepe and Paco say, “we are different to everyone else because our origin is in the vineyard”.

Growers or mayetos who tend their vines and make their own wines are uncommon in the Sherry Triangle, where most of the bodegas purchase grapes or base wine from external providers but the Blanco brothers are a good example of farmers working the land. 

Their father, Francisco Blanco Blanquito, was a man with a farsighted approach who worked for 20 years as a labourer before he was able to buy vineyards in Sanlúcar, Jerez and El Puerto. After a life of continuous work, Blanquito could call himself a mayeto, as winegrowers are known in Sanlúcar. 

The brothers started to work with his father when they were still young, first in the winery that Blanquito purchased in Sanlúcar’s Barrio Alto and then in El Hornillo, where they built their current winery around their vineyards in 1997 featuring a lagar for pressing the grapes and a bottling line.  Most of their vineyards are planted to Palomino, the Sherry Triangle’s dominant grape variety, and they produce around 200,000 litres. Half of the wine is bottled at El Hornillo, but they still sell base wine to other producers like Piñero, 

Wines from Callejuela