Domaine Le Sang des Cailloux


Serge Férigoule started at the domaine in 1979 as a field worker. Then, in 1982, he became partners with the owner (who had no descendants). Then, in 1990, he became the sole, happy owner of the winery. Since 2008 Serge Férigoule is a certified biodynamic winemaker and belongs to the group Biodyvin.

This domaine’s name means “the blood of the stones,” and Serge Férigoule is most certainly the heart that links the two together. All of Serge’s seventeen hectares rest on the great Plateau des Garrigues, where red clay, limestone, and the famous galets roulés, or rounded stones, impart a terrific intensity and depth to the wines. Given the aridity of the soil, the vines here are naturally prone to lower yields—this gives the wines their concentration and power.