Marco Petterino is a tiny, and very much under-the-radar producer of the DOCG of Gattinara. With a mere 21⁄2 hectares of vineyards in total, spread out among several parcels, his production is about 1300 cases per year.
The vineyards of Petterino are located in the top Crus of Gattinara: (a region based on only 110 hectares) Permolone, Castelle and Guardie which are all southwest-facing.Viticultural and winemaking practices are uber-traditional here. As they said ‘Tutto natturale’. Petterino crafts beautiful wines already open and ready to enjoy when they reach the market yet with outstanding potential to age.

Gattinara is located just west of the appellation of Ghemme, though on the opposite side of the Sesia River. Here the soils are geologically volcanic in origin, including granites polyphories, quartzes and numerous
ferrous minerals which give the ground its typical reddish hue. Gattinare is very close to the alps, which act as a wall affecting the climate. Relatively gentle winters and not excessive hot summers what is
called, climate inversion. The soils in this North Piemonte area are very acidic, bringing special minerality to the wines (that ́s due to the capacity of the roots to uptake elements from the soils on an acid soil).


Wines from Petterino